Genus to hold its next workshop on digitisation

Following on from the recent expansion of its dedicated digitisation studio in Nuneaton, Genus will be holding a series of free digitisation workshops for the libraries, archives and museums sectors

The second in the series will take place on Tuesday 14 July with a range of talks and two discussion sessions to give those attending the workshop a chance to air specific questions about their projects, both with the experts in the room and with each other.

Instead of panel sessions Genus will be spreading the speakers and experts throughout the room so that more people have a chance to converse about what interests them. There will also be lunch, tea breaks and time available after we conclude at 3pm to ask further questions.

There will be a series of talks on the day from experts in the field with Paul Negus opening the event with a Brief History of Genus, followed by Geoff Laycock, director of independent digitisation and information management consultancy, Scan Data Experts will give a talk on Different Approaches to Digitisation. As an independent consultant Geoff offers advice on planning and implementing your digitisation strategy from his experience with more than 200 archiving projects

Richard Everett, photographic and imaging manager at The Wellcome Trust will discuss Image Capture with four examples of real projects he undertook and successfully completed at Wellcome, including examples of speciality image capture techniques, glass plate negatives, manuscripts, archive material and oversized items.

Andrew Austin, former Imaging Services Manager at the British Library, will give a presentation on How to Quality Control Your Project & An Introduction to Copyright, which will give different examples of tools that can be used to monitor the digitisation of your collection as well as advice on copyright laws.

Genus’ Imaging Solutions Manager Tom Brown will be hosting a Studio Tour and Live Demonstrations, taking delegates around Genus’ digitisation studio as well as demonstrating the types of equipment used in the digitisation process.

Being Portal Ready will be the topic of discussion for Tim Hook of Capture, who will demonstrate ways to manage and even gain revenue from your digital assets.

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