From The Mary Rose to the Louvre!

The IMC Group has many years’ experience in the environmental control of Collections – in fact IMC’s Hanwell monitoring systems are chosen by the curators in charge of the collections at museums and galleries such as The Louvre, V&A, The Imperial War Museum, The National Gallery, Manchester City Art Gallery, The Tate Gallery and even the Vatican!

The Mary Rose

Recent environmental monitoring solutions include work carried out on The Mary Rose, the world-famous 16th century warship, based at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, which has reached the end of a 17-year wax spraying process designed to preserve its timbers and is now in the final phase of a sophisticated conservation project – a crucial five-year drying out period that will ensure the ship remains intact.

IMC’s part in the restoration involved supplying 60 sensors from the Hanwell range that remain attached to the hull, continuously mapping the condition of the wood, including temperature and humidity parameters and the three specialist WoodWatch units which utilise high frequency Acoustic Emission (AE) technology.

The IMC Group's Engineering Director, Dr Martin Hancock said: "We're extremely proud to be associated with this incredible project to bring the Mary Rose back to life for 21st century visitors. “The restoration has been a long and challenging process for everyone involved and, because of the unique nature of the project, we had to design a unique solution.

“The technology that we introduced gave the conservation team a form of insight and measurement that hadn't been available to them before, and has proven crucial to the successful completion of their painstaking work."

Market-Leading Environmental Monitoring with Synergy

IMC’s heritage-sector expertise using market leading environmental monitoring systems took a revolutionary step forward with the introduction of Hanwell Synergy – scalable browser-based software offering a contemporary management system that retains many of the underlying technical abilities of RadioLog8 but viewable in a more modern SQL format and providing significant additional user benefits.

Developed to give maximum flexibility and control of data and events, Synergy has made significant advances in how, where and when data can be viewed and managed across the widest spectrum of customers from the single site/single user through to multiple site/multiple user situations. Synergy also has both standard and bespoke reporting options to meet the simplest and most complex customer requirements.

Integrated wireless Monitoring & Control Solutions

The IMC Group’s Hanwell wireless monitoring and control range is well-established within heritage sectors, offering conservators accurate and reliable environmental monitoring and control solutions specifically designed for discreet monitoring.

IMC has more than 100 data loggers, radio and GPRS transmitters to cover a multitude of critical parameters within heritage sectors including relative humidity, light, UV, dust, insect pest control, air flow and wood damage. Synergy-powered utility monitoring enables the data to be seamlessly integrated into existing BMS systems for comprehensive environmental control.

All designs utilise IMC’s unrivalled expertise in radio telemetry to provide flexible systems that not only meet the discreet monitoring needs of conservators today, but may be adapted and expanded cost-effectively in the future.