Fitzpatrick Woolmer Design & Publishing wins contract to improve Dulwich College on-site navigation

Dulwich College was founded in 1619 by Edward Alleyn and is well known for its high standards of education and will now have a wayfinding system to match

At almost 400 years old, this impressive Dulwich College affords a mix of traditional and modern architecture and required a sympathetic solution that would not detract from its historic past and complement its vision for the future.

The college, which is one of the largest independent all boys colleges in the UK, expressed concerns that many visitors were confused on arrival as there was no clear or consistent wayfinding solution to navigate the site.

The main aim was to create a wayfinding solution that spanned all four Dulwich College sites, improving both navigation and visual image within a single cohesive brand.

A range of wayfinding and badging signs have been developed supported by clearer, more consistent and compliant traffic signs. All have been designed and located to enhance the visitor experience whilst elevating the image of the college and how its wayfinding is perceived by visitors.

The proposed signs have the ability to be updated at minimal cost and have been specified with a DuoGuard™ anti-graffiti coating giving them a permanent level of vandal and graffiti resistance.

Stainless steel and aluminium, have been specified throughout ensuring a prolonged life and a long term, high quality visual appearance requiring minimal maintenance.