Experience for aspiring museum curators adapted for Roblox by National Gallery

Image: A screenshot of The National Gallery's Roblox-based experience

The at-home experience allows those on the gaming platform to learn about the Gallery’s paintings and curate their own collections.

The National Gallery has adapted its augmented reality experience, The Keeper Council, for popular online game platform Roblox, allowing it to be played at home.

Launching this summer, the experience is designed for aspiring museum ‘keepers’ to learn about the Gallery’s paintings and curate their own art collections.

The Gallery said visitors “will be challenged to accomplish their quests and rise through the ranks from Apprentice to High Keeper. Throughout the experience, they will be mentored by the character of the Keeper of Paintings from The National Gallery.”

The National Gallery’s first immersive augmented reality (AR) app, The Keeper of Paintings and the Palette of Perception, is available at the Gallery and was created with the help of over 80 children in time for the 2022 Easter holidays.

The latest Roblox development builds on research from the Gallery’s first project, and has been co-created with children working with project developers Arcade, the National Gallery and researchers from StoryFutures at Royal Holloway, University of London and Brunel Design School.

Research for both projects was informed by a dedicated Children’s Advisory Group including school children from London, Brighton, Bournemouth and Folkestone, who were consulted throughout and have helped devise and test the app and the Roblox experience.

Lawrence Chiles, Head of Digital at the National Gallery, London, said the experience would allow users to “learn about the paintings on a platform they find familiar, fun and engaging.”