Concord lights the way at Jersey Maritime Museum by implementing LEDS

Jersey Maritime Museum in St Helier, a former winner of UK Museum of the Year has recently undergone a grand restoration project using luminaires from Concord. The venue’s new lighting scheme conceived by DHA Design has completely refreshed the interior and using Concord Beacon Muse LED luminaires, an impressive 80 per cent been saved on energy costs – an estimated £5,000 per year.

Set across four historic warehouses on the New North Quay of St Helier Harbour, the Jersey Maritime Museum prides itself on an extensive, eclectic collection representing the three areas of the maritime experience: the sea, the boats and the people. Visitors to this sea-side museum are invited to fully immerse themselves in the contemporary and historic experience of the Islanders and Jersey’s maritime heritage.

In early 2014, DHA Designs, the original lighting designers of the award-winning museum, were asked to return to refresh the lighting scheme. Originally, a mixture of metal halide and tungsten light sources had been fitted for a largely ‘track-and-spot’ scheme. The design had several innovations, including a set of maritime ‘wall washers’ and in one warehouse, the skylight was covered with a mid-blue film, constantly changing the wash of vibrant light on the blue floor. Important factors DHA Design needed to consider during the buildings revamp included the design and implementation of a lighting scheme that would give each room a ‘wow-factor’ – highlighting key artifacts and creating a culture-zone, while making energy savings as an additional bonus for the property owners.

“We were delighted to return and revamp the original lighting scheme we had previously set in place,” said Adam Grater, Managing Director at DHA Designs.

“After more than a decade, new products and innovations had opened the opportunity for us to re-invent each room with an aesthetically beautiful lighting design to compliment the museums features.

“Having previously used Concord’s Beacon Muse, we knew this product had good colour rendering abilities, it is quick and easy to commission, and its LED properties meant impressive savings could be made – we even estimated that the scheme will pay for itself within just five years.”

Renowned for its outstanding LED quality of light and colour rendering, Concord’s Beacon Muse spotlights were specified by the lighting designers to replace the tungsten fittings. The Concord Beacon Muse LED uses cutting-edge technology and ancient lens principles to create a fully adjustable spotlight which DHA Design used to simplify the focus as outlined in the brief, without the need for additional lenses or reflectors.

As a result, 135 Beacon Muse LED spotlights were fitted across Jersey Maritime Museum, replacing the traditional lamps which are notoriously high maintenance and wasteful of energy. Instead, with all the benefits of LED technology, maintenance free application and 50,000 hours life at 70 per cent luminous flux, it was estimated that an 80 per cent energy saving had been made, saving around £5,000 each year on energy and lamp replacement costs.