Concord goes technicolour with new Muse Xicato spotlight

The latest addition to the lighting range from Concord is the Beacon Muse Xicato, a best in class spotlight for colour reproduction

The Beacon Muse Xicato utilises the Xicato Artist LED module and boasts improved optical control, ultra-high colour rendering. It provides an exciting accent and display lighting tool that uses cutting-edge LED technology and ancient lens principles to create a fully adjustable spotlight.

With its impressive CRI of 98, the Beacon Muse Xicato spotlight ensures that all 99 TM-30 colour samples can be showcased in their full vibrancy. It is the ideal spotlight for museum, gallery and retail applications where a high quality of light is required.

“Colour reproduction is so important, especially in display applications,” explained David Neale, marketing manager at Sylvania UK. “You want visitors to see artwork in its truest form and for shoppers to know that the products they are buying in store will look the same when they take it home. We can’t underestimate the power of colour and that is why we have introduced the Concord Beacon Muse Xicato. It will enhance the environment and improve the experience for customers and visitors.”

The unique soft-touch ring enables the end user to manually adjust the beam angle from a wide flood (52°/72°) down to a tight spot (8°/10°); without the need of any additional lenses or reflectors. This places the end user in control of their immediate environment.

The Beacon Muse Xicato incorporates a multitude of customisable aspects. The unique soft-touch ring enables the end user to manually adjust the beam from a wide flood down to a tight spot: 8° up to 52° for the Beacon Muse and from 10° up to 72° for Beacon XL Muse.

In addition to this, the Beacon Muse Xicato can be physically adjusted, with a rotation of 355° providing a near full range from a fixed position. This is vital in display applications, especially within museums and galleries, as the artwork and object on display can often change frequently. It means the lighting can be adjusted at minimal cost and disruption to the museum or gallery.

Importantly, the products on display are protected from the potential damaging effects of artificial light, as there are no UV/IR emissions from the LED light source.

Available in 3000K, 3500K and 4000K colour temperatures, Concord Beacon Muse Xicato has a lumen efficacy of up to 50lm/w and a total power consumption of either 20W for the Beacon Muse model or 35W for the Beacon XL. The luminaires have a long lifetime of up to 50,000 hours life at 70% of original output.

The modern building is becoming more connected, which not only allows architects and designers to offer their client energy efficiencies, but also provides them with opportunities to improve the wellbeing and comfort for occupants and visitors.

The Beacon Muse Xicato is available with on-board dimming via DALI or Casambi Wireless dimming on request. When paired with a smartphone via a free application, Casambi delivers unrivalled lighting control technology. The luminaire is also available with Sylvania’s revolutionary SylSmart technology on certain models to make this luminaire truly smart.

The contemporary all die-cast aluminium body is available in white or black finishes and the luminaire incorporates a passive cooling heatsink. There are also a range of snap-fit accessories available including an elongation lens, honeycomb filter and snoot. The luminaire has been designed for mounting on a three-circuit track like the Lytespan 3 from Concord and a Monopoint accessory is available for surface mounting.

Beacon Muse Xicato is the newest addition to the innovative and award-winning Beacon Muse spotlight range.