Collections Trust

Collections Trust awarded funding for work on sustainable UK museums data sharing

Image: Birmingham Museums Trust made it collection freely available online under Creative Commons Zero Licence

The Open Data Institute (ODI) has selected seven projects which exhibit exceptional commitment to data sharing initiatives to receive funding via its Innovate UK R&D programme.

The Institute, regarded as the UK’s centre of excellence for data access and innovation, will provide tailored support in addition to funding on an ongoing basis until March 2021. All seven participants will receive between £15,000 and £20,000 from the ODI Stimulus Fund.

Leigh Dodds, director of delivery at the ODI, says those chosen for support “show the potential that sharing data has to solve challenges in the energy and health sectors in the UK and globally”.

Collections Trust was selected for its focus on building consensus around how all 1,700 museums throughout the UK might sustainably share collections data with each other and with users – ranging from school children to academic researchers.

“The ODI’s Stimulus Fund gives us the resources to think carefully about how that institution should be structured. The ODIs reputation also ensures that this approach to solving a systemic problem will carry significant weight,” a Collections Trust statements reads.

This will, it adds, be invaluable in its efforts to “create a long-term and sustainable institution that will enable the UK’s museum sector to make increased use of its data, delivering new and better services.”