Graphic design moving from static designs to digital

Experts in the printing and production of high quality graphic interpretation displays Warrens Display Ltd has been around for 100 years and have seen requests for interactive and digital displays

In years gone by, static graphic displays were sufficient to convey information and messaging in the museum and exhibition environment. Today’s visitor, however old or young, expects to receive an immersive and fully interactive experience that encompasses state of the art technology with vibrant, eye-catching and thought provoking graphic displays.

Here at Warrens Display, our experts work alongside interpretation agencies to offer practical advice and recommendations for materials, finishes and how to incorporate audio visual and IT equipment in to displays and features.  Our aim is always to ensure that the final product not only exceeds the client’s expectations whilst meeting ever stricter fire and health and safety regulations, but also provides the visitor with a truly memorable experience.

The business has invested constantly in people and technology in order to keep abreast of the current trends and to ensure that our expertise and product offerings remain at the forefront of the latest in innovation.

Windsor Royal Borough Museum, The Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds, The National Coal Mining Museum in Wakefield, Bronte Parsonage in Howarth, Winterbourne House in Birmingham, Clitheroe Castle and Cresswell Crags near Worksop are some of the more well-known museums and visitor centres for whom we have produced graphics interpretation panels and production projects over recent years.  For many of these projects we produce high quality printing and mounting of interpretation graphics, printed from eye catching and informative artwork supplied to us by agencies and specialist companies.  We advise and provide support from the outset to ensure that the end products not only meet but exceed the desired results for impact and visibility within the intended environment.

Static graphic displays will always remain a key part of any visitor experience but we enhance and elaborate where possible.  More and more often nowadays we are asked to provide more interactive and digital displays and graphics.  For example to integrate an LED screen playing a video or a touch screen, within a panel to allow the visitor to access more in-depth information should they so wish.

By embracing new technologies and incorporating new and different processes such as animated graphics that illuminate in a predetermined sequence, back-lit displays, translucent materials, tensioned fabric graphics and frames, digital wallpaper to cover large expanses, 3D fret cut images and text, mounted and displayed using a variety of different means such as stand-offs, hidden battens and locators, we can very simply add depth, creativity and variety to an otherwise very simple space.

Your project should be enjoyed by visitors for a very long time so think now about including simple and effective potential ways to update key areas with minimal disruption.  Make sure you talk through your key requirements with potential suppliers and award the job to the interpretation agency that best understands your requirements and is most able to clearly communicate them back to you in the form of detailed visuals and costs.  The more thought and planning at the start, the more likely your project will be to stand to test of time in this fast paced digital world.