Bletchley Park to let every Charles and Camilla enter free

Image: Charles and Camilla visit Bletchley Park in 2008

The museum and heritage attraction’s campaign will allow free entry to those who share a name with royal couple during its celebration of the upcoming Coronation.

Museum and heritage attraction Bletchley Park has announced a new campaign in celebration of the upcoming Coronation.

It will allow entry to everyone called Charles or Camilla throughout its three-day celebratory event in early May.

Those with the first name Charles or Camilla, or derivations, such as Charlie or Cammie, will receive free entry for the day. Visitors will be asked to provide photo ID at the booking office in order to gain entry.

The offer will be in place during the park’s celebratory weekend between Saturday 6 – Monday 8 May.

The English country house and estate is keen to tout its royal connections as part of the celebrations, including that Catherine, Princess of Wale’s grandmother worked at Bletchley Park as a codebreaker while it was a center for code-breaking during the Second World War.

“This is all about celebrating the Coronation, our new monarchs and welcoming Charles and Camilla to the throne,” said Dawn Barlow, Head of Operations.

“And we wanted to extend that welcome even further to all those whose first names are Charles or Camilla!”