Axiell enters into Asia with a collections management solution for Macao regional museums

The Macao Museum has opted for Axiell collection management solutions for its museums and affiliated galleries

Axiell, the leading vendor of collections management software to archives, libraries and museums, is pleased to announce that the Macau Museum has purchased Adlib, one of Axiell’s suite of enterprise collection management solutions. A popular attraction in the region, the Macao Museum has a vision to preserve and promote the unique cultural heritage and identity of Macao with its fusion of Chinese and Western cultures.

The Adlib solution will be leveraged to manage the Museum’s collection and, through Adlib’s enterprise support, will also enable the many specialised museums in the Macao region to manage their collections in a cost-efficient way. The Macao Museum selected Adlib for a range of reasons, not least because of the flexibility with which it can be configured to meet the needs of the large and smaller specialised institutions in the region, but also the speed with which it can be rolled-out. The Museum’s collection contains information about each object in Chinese, Portuguese and English, and a solution with strong multilingual support was critical.

Adlib’s advanced workflows ensure that the input of data for the collection will be streamlined, and that loan management and conservation documentation will be optimal. With an Adlib solution the region’s institutions will be adaptable in a dynamic environment and provide value to the public for the long term. Axiell’s proven ability to collaborate closely with its customers was also highly regarded by the Museum when selecting a solution.

“The Macao Museum is an integrated museum that illustrates the history and livelihood of Macao’s people,” says Ms Grace Lei, the Acting Director of the Macao Museum. “Our collections can be categorised into Macao history, people’s livelihood, arts and archaeology. Axiell and the collection management solution Adlib proved beyond a doubt that they could meet our needs for streamlined workflows and our ambition to digitize our collection and make it available online, while maintaining control of the data and ensuring a positive ROI for the project.”

With more than 3,000 customers in the cultural sector and 18 offices worldwide, Axiell is the market leader in the provision of collections management software solutions. Axiell’s Australian office will support the Macao Museum and regional institutions, ensuring that they have proximity to key Axiell resources. Axiell has undertaken significant investment in adapting the solution and the documentation to Chinese.

“We are thrilled to be a part of securing and advancing the access to the fascinating cultural heritage in Asia,” says John Doolan, Managing Director for Axiell Archives Libraries & Museums. “The Macao region is embarking on this project in a way which we see is a global trend, where consortia of museums collaborate to leverage the same solution – to the benefit of the museums that can share resources but mainly to the benefit of the museum visitors, where objects from many museums can now be made available online.”