Arts Council Investment 2015-2018

Arts Council England has announced details of its investment plans for the next three years.

Five new museums have been added to the current portfolio of sixteen Major Partner Museums (MPMs) ensuring a wider geographic spread. These are:

Over £22 million will be invested in the 21 MPMs with an additional £13 million of annual strategic funding set aside to support museums in England.

Major Partner Museums reach across England and will play a part in the national ecology, extending way beyond their postcode and taking on national responsibilities as part of their funding agreements with ACE. Partnerships in this area includes the For Cornwall Museums Partnership – an example of consortium working, with six leading museums in Cornwall coming together for the first time.

MPM Area by numbers of organisations (numbers)

With a focus on building resilience within the sector, MPMs are expected to take on a proactive, leadership role. Advisor will be speaking to John Orna-Ornstein later today to find out more about what today’s announcement means to the museum sector.