Arts Council announces new chair of the Museums Accreditation Committee

The Museum Accreditation Committee is the sector Standard for museums and galleries in the UK and focuses on how museums are managed, how collections are developed and the experiences offered to the public with the achievement of Accreditation opens access to funding to support further development and activity.

“I am extremely excited to be able to take up this role at this time,” said Ellory-van Dekker said.

“I hope to make a valuable contribution to the Committee and its ongoing work to foster, promote and protect museums and galleries, collections and the provision of rich and engaging public offers in these very interesting and challenging times.”

Hadrian Ellory-van Dekker, the new chair of the Arts Council's Museum Accreditaion Committee

The accreditation committee was set up 25 years ago and defines good practice and identifies agreed standards and subsequently encouraging development.

Participation with Accreditation is voluntary, with approximately 1,800 museums choosing to demonstrate their commitment to responsible management through the maintenance of an award.

Scott Furlong, Director of Acquisitions, Exports, Loans and Collections Unit, Arts Council England said: “I am delighted that Hadrian has been appointed as Chair of the Accreditation Committee at a very important point for the Scheme.

“With museums across the UK facing very real financial challenges, the foundation that the Accreditation Standard provides feels more required than ever.

“Hadrian brings invaluable experience and an understanding of both Accreditation and the sector that will contribute hugely to the work of the Committee and Scheme.”