Fitzpatrick Woolmer encourage more visitors to visit Westgate Park and Gardens

Westgate Park and Gardens has been a public open space since the Middle Ages, making it one of England’s oldest parks. Part of the gardens is an official ancient monument site because it covers the remains of the old Roman wall and London road gate. The challenge put to Fitzpatrick Woolmer was to incorporate this history along with the details of flora and fauna in engaging interpretation

Westgate Park is situated in the beautiful historic City of Canterbury. The park is made up of Westgate Gardens, Tannery Field, Toddlers Cove and Bingley Island, and together they form a charming stretch of recreational land. The park hosts a range of events all year around, attracting visitors from near and far. Canterbury City Council wanted to engage their visitors by exploring the history of the park, opening up the idea for historic interpretation to be placed around the open areas.

Having secured HLF grant funding, Canterbury City Council were looking to tell the many stories that made up the history and heritage of Westgate Park and Gardens. We were commissioned to undertake research and copywriting to develop the interpretive themes, designing engaging and interactive interpretation displays, and our manufacturing division realised our vision through to final installation.

Many activities are held in Westgate Park and Gardens, including educational school visits, and interactive rubbing plaques added a discovery element to the interpretive experience, encouraging visitors to explore further and learn more.

Well designed interpretation should spark the imagination; conjure up scenes from the past, smells and sounds, things that cannot be seen or touched are made real through the power of clear, informative design.

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