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About Novatron Scientific Ltd

We are leading specialists in the supply and calibration of precision instruments and equipment for relative humidity, water activity, dew point, temperature & light. Our range of products and services extends from high accuracy hygrometers, data loggers and water activity meters to portable humidifiers/dehumidifiers and UKAS calibration services for a wide range of scientific and measuring equipment.

For over 20 years, we have been trusted suppliers to the museums sector throughout the whole of the UK and Ireland.  Our product offering for Museums, Heritage Sites, Galleries and Private Collections include the supply, commissioning, onsite service and calibration of portable humidifiers.

For conservation of fine art it is essential to maintain air relative humidity to stable conditions of within 40 – 60% rh , with a maximum variation of +/- 10 % over a 24 hour period. These are the standards set by the industry and most accredited museums & art galleries need to demonstrate that they are working to achieve this.

Normally, the indoor relative humidity falls to below 40% during the colder months of October through to May when the heating comes on . To compensate for this Novatron supply precision portable humidifiers for local control and for back – up of air conditioning systems in museums , art galleries and archives.

All Novatron humidifiers are top-quality Swiss-made and are supported by onsite service contracts.

Recently, Novatron have supplied a number of humidifiers to The National Gallery, where paintings can be damaged by low or fluctuating relative humidity levels. The Defensor PH28 model is the standard machine used at The National Gallery and is used for localized humidity control in public art galleries as well as within conservation studios where picture restoration is carried out and humidity needs to be as stable as possible during this very delicate process.

Other projects include The National Trust Textile Restoration Studios where the PH28 is again used to stabilize and control the humidity within the studios where highly intricate restoration and conservation works are being carried out on tapestries and other textiles fine art.

Often the challenge can be dealing with the amount of VOCs ( Volatile Organic Compounds) within the air that are generated by the chemicals and fluids used during art restoration and cleaning. These can be drawn into the humidifier and cause build up bacterial growth which needs to be cleaned regularly during maintenance visits. However, the Defensor humidifiers have a unique system of water sterilization with silver electrodes that ensure the water remains bacteria free so that the machines can operate safely at all times.


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