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Perfect lighting immerses visitors in an experience and makes art come into its own.


With due pride we would like to introduce our company CLS LED to you. We started in 2002 as part of a holding company that has been active in the lighting industry for over 35 years. Our products – LED fixtures of the highest quality – combine great design with outstanding functionality.

Every day we receive excellent reviews for our LED lights. Our products are installed in well-known museums worldwide, and for good reasons. We know that it is important to best preserve the delicate works of art on display. LED lighting causes minimal damage to those works of art, because they do not give off any UV at all. The specifically engineered LED fixtures for museum applications feature various LED colours that don’t have that artificial glare, but beautifully highlight the art. Apart from that our fixtures are available in virtually limitless configurations, to best showcase all, even changing, exhibitions.

Our fixtures are also beloved by lighting designers in the museum sector worldwide, because we often let the lighting designers have a say not only in terms of the design and technical properties, but also in the selection of the various options that are available. This ensure that the products in our portfolio perfectly suit their applications in exhibition rooms, showcases, experience areas and the outdoor areas of the museum.

Louvre, France – Anne Frank Museum, the Netherlands – Chocolate Nation, Belgium

Project-specific solutions for museums and galleries

Every project requires its own and personal approach, so please feel free to contact us if you would like to receive further information, product samples or tips. Our expert Sales department will be happy to advise you in your search for the optimal lighting solution for your project!

CLS | Designed and made in the Netherlands

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